Ultrasound Cambodia - Khema Clinic - Phnom Penh Cambodia

Ultrasound Cambodia – Khema Clinic (Phnom Penh)

Khema Clinic
#18, Str. 528, Phnom Penh 43520, Cambodia
+855 23 880 949

Private parking (car, motorbike).
Reception in English, record patient information to complete. Waiting room with AC and massage chair available. Water dispenser, coffee.

The clinic of modest size is very clean and the facilities are modern. The staff is friendly and tells you what to do during your consultation.

Most doctors are young and they studied in Australia and France, so they speak English and French.

Ultrasound (Q1)

Doctor’s consultation ($15)
Ultrasound ($20)
Analyses > blood test for toxoplasmosis and Down syndrome + urine ($170). This cost is justified by an analysis made in Thailand.

All summarized on an English invoice.

You receive the results within 10 days.


Invoice Khema Clinic - Ultrasound Phnom Penh Cambodia

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  1. Hi Salvatore,
    I think that the prices are not online. My recommandation is you to call Khema Clinic at this number: (+855) 23 880 949.

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