Outpost Cambodia: the best place to work in Phnom Penh?

I am currently staying in Cambodia, and I needed a quiet place with nice amenities so I could practise my work as a web developer.

EDIT of 01/14/20: Outpost Phnom Penh is no longer present in the “Yellow Tower”, due to relocation.

Like most people would do, I tried cafés; but I quickly gave up on the idea. There is this constant noise, tables are often wobbly, and wall plugs are often too distant… and the worst part is having to pack up your things when you need to go to the restroom!

Thanks to a Google search, I found out that several coworking spaces exist in Phnom Penh, with many different offers and rates.

I won’t go into details here, but I visited some of these places and only had disappointing experiences – the price and quality of service were simply not satisfying.

However, Outpost Cambodia seemed to stand out from the other places, thanks to nice photographs and good ratings. It looked more like a youth hostel, with a quirky spirit. I was skeptic about the location and the atmosphere (would I be able to get some work done there ?), but I decided to give it a try anyway.

And I was right to! I was welcomed in a really professional way by a member of the staff, who even took the time to make me further visit the place. I had an excellent first impression, as the place is really unique and stands out from everything that exists in Phnom Penh.

Outpost Cambodia is a 2-story place located in a 9-story building. The 6th floor is a living place, while the 6 1/2th floor (a Cambodian specialty!) hosts offices, as well as the 7th floor, which is right in front of the guest house rooms.

You read it right: Outpost Cambodia is also a guest house, which adds a lot to its appeal, as one can meet travelers and expatriate people here – the ideal location to bond with new people and improve English skills!

The place is quite original, and decorated with many sofas, footstools and even hammocks! The whole decor has this “Bali” atmosphere.

The desks are conveniently arranged, the chairs are comfy and the entire place is very luminous – especially the last floor which is half-covered by a glass roof, making this place hot in no time! Thankfully, air conditioners are available.

The WiFi connection is quite good. A printer is available. There are also a meeting room and an overhead projector. The place can be booked for a private use by companies. Outpost Cambodia can arrange buffet dinner and drinks, and lend the projector.

But not everything is about work! If you feel the need to relax, there are 2 terraces, 2 televisions with movies available, as well as books, a piano, a painting area… The rooftop can be accessed, and offers a breathtaking view on the Royal Palace and River Side.

The place is also equipped with two bathrooms, which can come in handy for whoever just had an intense training session! In Cambodia, gyms are not always equipped with bathrooms – but they cost only a dollar… Several gyms are in the vicinity of Outpost.

Outpost Cambodia also features a large and fully-equipped kitchen: 2 fridges, one oven, hot plates, a microwave, kettles and coffee machines. Courtesy tea and coffee is proposed. Though if you fancy a good espresso, you’ll feel let down here! Your best move might be to buy your own Nespresso capsules…

If you don’t feel like cooking – or don’t have the time -, staff members usually order from nearby restaurants. Nothing really sophisticated here, but it will fit the purpose: fried rice, fried noodles, soups… Every first Friday of the month, Outpost Cambodia proposes theme meals.

There are many local restaurants in a few hundreds meters range, and also a French bakery named “Comme à la maison” which sells sweet/salty snacks and take away meals.

Outpost Cambodia is open every day, 24/7 – though I’m not able to confirm whether staff members are still present after 6:00 P.M. to welcome guests.

To reach the place, you can take a tuktuk from Phnom Penh or take a small boat to cross the Mékong and reach River Side. The boat can be used for free if you have a subscription – if not, the cost is 2,000 riels (about $0,50).

You can subscribe to a daily, weekly or monthly membership. They cost respectively 5, 19 and 50 dollars. For 75 dollars, you can book an office for a private use, but the place is not really crowded so it may not be useful, especially if you’re an early bird that likes to work on mornings. Anyway, for one week or even one month, that is definitely the best coworking place in Phnom Penh.

I didn’t have a chance to try the guest house rooms, but they seemed clean and modern, with decent prices. According to the manager, rates are the same for direct or online bookings.

Conclusion: I spent 3 months in Outpost Cambodia, and all I can do is recommend it. The place may seem a little far from Phnom Penh, but you can see it as a way to avoid crowded locations and mass tourism. To me, Outpost offers the best value for money, along with a relaxing atmosphere and a warm welcome.

Outpost Phnom Penh
Cambodia Yellow Tower,
191 Tonle Sap Street
Phnom Penh

If you take a tuktuk and the driver doesn’t know about the place, tell him/her to look for the green penthouse near the Sokha Hotel in the Chroy Changvar peninsula, which can be reached from the bridge of the French Embassy.

Phone number: 012 867 111
Official website
TripAdvisor page

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